• Free Trial Lesson before joining

    Email hello@maidavaleballet.co.uk or call: 07939 930229 for your complimentary trial lesson.

  • How much are classes and how do I pay?

    We offer a free trial class of your choice to every potential student (space dependant)

    If you would then like to join classes start from as little as £9 for a half hour class. Lessons are billed termly with a half termly payment option. You can pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer any time before the end of the first week of each new half term. Dates will be on each invoice. Any late payments will incur a £10 admin charge.

  • Can parents watch?

    The younger children get distracted easily, especially when they want to show off new skills to their parents, so we allow parents to watch at the end of each half term. We find this gives them a few weeks to build up their skills and create something to show at ‘watching week’. From Grade 2 upwards parents may watch classes and are welcome to take notes of any corrections given. We do ask that parents are respectful of the atmosphere of the class and do not talk or try to distract their child and that mobile phones are on silent.

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  • My daughter has been attending ballet classes at Maida Vale Ballet School for just over two years. In that time I have watched her confidence and ability to socialise with children of all ages go from strength-to-strength. The weekly class has given my daughter the tools to develop life skills such as concentration, spatial awareness and is a place where she can nurture her love for ballet. Judging by the smiles I get after each class I am certain she has enjoyed her lesson. From a dance perspective Maida Vale Ballet guarantees to teach your child good solid technique (in ballet, jazz and tap) and the discipline to work towards an end goal in the form of summer shows and (if you or your child so wish) dance exams. Miss Alex immediately puts the children at ease with her very kind and approachable manner. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone wishing to introduce their child to the world of dance.

    • Katherine Emin
    • Dance student's parent
  • Alex holds herself and her students to the highest standards. She is capable of bringing out the best in every child and draws out the inner dancer in them all. Not only does she produce outstanding shows which gives each child the chance to perform, she also teaches to a very high level ensuring amazing results in exams. She is capable of taking a sow's ear and turning it into a silk purse - I should know, she's taking a group of total beginner adults and teaching us Grade Three tap! Her patience and professionalism know no bounds and her classes are brilliant fun.

    • Alice Morgan
    • Dance student and parent of dance student
  • I've been doing ballet for six years at Maida Vale Ballet School. I've really enjoyed it because of our amazing teacher Miss Alex. Miss Alex has taught me during this time and has made all the lessons really fun and enjoyable. While I have done ballet at this school I've made lots of friends including Emma, Yara, Jhameira and Luna-Belle (she's my cousin). This year it has been very fun and I am looking forward to grade 3 (if I get into the exam) and for more years of continuing to dance and exams at Maida Vale Ballet School!

    • Autumn-Star
    • Grade 2 ballet student, age 8
  • Alex is a wonderful teacher. She is able to think of multiple ways to explain steps until she finds the one that works for you and is very encouraging and positive.

    • Gillian Iversen
    • Dance student
  • Our daughter has been attending Maida Vale ballet schools since she was four years old (2011). She started off a very quiet and shy little girl but over the years her self-confidence has grown immensely. She is now more outspoken and even likes to organise the others into the correct places before they start performing. Miss Alex runs the classes excellently and caters for girls and boys of all abilities, differentiating her teaching techniques according to each individual child so they can grow in confidence and thrive to their full potential through hard work and dedication. The Ballet school organises performances for parents to come and see and the choreography is amazing. Miss Alex and all her students make such a great effort to put on a good show and it pays off every time. We are so glad we let our daughter join. The discipline and commitment needed to attend classes and perform at the shows is all taught through the great example set by Miss Alex and we as parents have seen the vast difference in our daughter’s whole life not just at the ballet school. Our daughter has had some hearing difficulties and operations to correct this issue but neither her nor Miss Alex have let that hinder her progress. Miss Alex has been so supportive and helpful and we would like to say thank you very much to her it means so much to us seeing our little princess so happy and we would highly recommend anyone thinking of classes for their daughter or son to give it a go and see what happens.

    • Stuart and Claire Hewer
    • Dance student's parents
  • This is the forth year my daughter attends this ballet school. Thank you for your hard work and patience with the kids. I have seen my daughter blossom through the years and become more and more focused and graceful in her dancing. I treasure the DVDs of every show and I can see how each year becomes a further achievement. It is evident how Miss Alex takes her job seriously and how hard she works to organise and run the school. A special thank you to her. I recommend this school to anyone who wants a committed and white hearted teacher who would motivate and push your child to love ballet and improve him/herself.

    • Aliyah Rahal
    • Dance student's parent
  • My daughter only started part-way through term at that start of this year, but with Alex's teaching method and patience my girl has grown so much. More confident, more happy and loves to dance. Thank you Alex, couldn't recommend this school any higher!

    • Famida Ayub
    • Dance student's parent
  • Miss Alex is an inspirational teacher to both my girls. They have made real progress since joining the school this year and they have fun!

    • Taj Giles
    • Parent of two dance students at Maida Vale Ballet School